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Robertson's Billiards 8-foot pool table for sale

Robertson's 8-Foot Pool Table


Availability: Is Available
This Robertson's Billiards 8-foot pool table is for sale at a great price! The rails are in excellent shape and the Predator Arcadia cloth is less than a year old. This deal includes the table, cover, a full set of balls, three cues with holder, wooden 8ball and 9ball racks, as well as two high-quality captain's chairs. Contact us today to arrange pick up and delivery of your new table! Please inquire about moving and setup fees.

Or call: 813-416-2255

Detailed Information

  • Brand: Robertsons
  • Table Size: 8foot
  • Cloth Brand: Predator
  • Cloth Color: Electric Blue
  • Pocket Type: Drop Pocket
  • Rail Type: K55
  • Table Condition: Good

What's Included:

  • Balls, 8Ball Rack, 9Ball Rack, Pool Table Cover, Pool Cues, Pool Cue Holder, Chairs

Will the table fit in your room?

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Pool table spacing illustration

The space required around a pool table is crucial for a comfortable playing experience. A standard recommendation is to leave at least 5 feet of clear space on all sides of the table. This ensures players can comfortably maneuver their cues and allows for unobstructed shots, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the game.

The use of smaller cues can often suffice if space around a table is not optimal. Smaller cues are also great for younger players who are not quite large enough for a standard 58" pool cue.

Table Size Approx. Table Dimensions Optimum Space
7-foot 7' X 3.5' 17' X 13.5'
8-foot 8' X 4' 18' X 14'
9-foot 9' X 4.5' 19' X 14.5'

About the Manufacturer

Robertson's Billiards

Robertson's Pool Tables LogoEstablished in 1930, Robertson Billiards & Spas has been a cornerstone of family-owned excellence in Tampa for generations. Originating as a pool hall across from the University of Tampa, the business faced challenges in the 50s when the renowned Bakers Billiards, featuring full indoor air conditioning, emerged in Tampa Heights. Undeterred, T.E. Robertson, with a burgeoning family, purchased a building near Bakers, transforming it into a hub for pool tables, jukeboxes, and cigarette vending services.

In the early 70s, T.E.'s son, Charlie Robertson, took the reins, delving into his passion for pool by establishing a custom pool table factory. His vision extended beyond craftsmanship, aiming to standardize the billiard industry. Charlie's networking prowess led to the founding of the Billiard Congress of America, striving for uniformity in components and rules.

The late 80s marked a transition as Debi and Thom Rodgers, driven by entrepreneurial spirit, acquired the business. Thom expanded the scope, introducing home game room furniture and weathering a 2004 factory fire. Despite setbacks, the business thrived, continuing to offer top-quality billiard tables from renowned brands like Brunswick and American Heritage.

Retiring in 2006, Thom passed the torch to Thomas & Debi's children, Alana & Stephen, who played pivotal roles in the business. Expanding their internet presence, they ventured into the hot tub industry in 2016, securing top brands like Jacuzzi and Caldera.

With a legacy rooted in quality and customer service, Robertson Billiards & Spas stands as a testament to resilience, growth, and a commitment to delivering excellence in billiards and beyond.

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