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Pool Table Refelting

For more than 25 years The Biiliard Fitter has been Tampa's choice for pool table moving and recovering services.

Quality pool table felt and proper installation are essential components for an optimal gaming experience. The felt, or cloth, on a pool table plays a crucial role in the game, affecting ball roll, speed, and overall playability. Choosing a high-quality felt material is key to longevity and performance.

Premium pool table felts are often made from a blend of wool and nylon, providing a smooth and durable surface. Wool adds resilience and a soft texture, while nylon enhances durability and resistance to wear. The combination ensures a consistent and even playing surface over time. Quality felts also come in a variety of colors, allowing players to customize the appearance of their table.

Equally important is the installation process. Even the best pool table felt won't deliver optimal performance if not installed correctly. Our professional installation ensures a tight and wrinkle-free fit, eliminating inconsistencies that can affect ball movement. The process involves precise stretching, stapling, and trimming to create a smooth and uniform surface.

Properly installed high-quality felt enhances ball control, reduces friction, and minimizes the need for frequent replacements. It contributes to a more enjoyable and competitive gaming experience for players of all skill levels.

Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned pro, or maintain a number of pool tables in your establishment,  investing in quality pool table felt and professional installation from The Billiard Fitter is a wise decision. It not only extends the life of your table but also enhances the precision and responsiveness of every shot, making your pool games more satisfying and enjoyable.

Simonis® Pool Table Cloth

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Simonis cloth enhances your enjoyment of your game by allowing you to play your best. Simonis cloth looks, feels and wears differently than any other billiard cloth

Why Simonis cloth? Simonis is the truest playing cloth. This means that it will provide the best play possible on any table. The balls do not touch the slate or the rubber, they only touch the cloth, therefore the cloth is one of the most functional aspects of the table and of the game.

Simonis offered the first worsted cloth for billiards

Why worsted cloth? Worsted construction means that there are no short fibers that can release from the cloth to form "pills" or fuzz-balls that have to be removed from the playfield in order to allow the ball to roll straight.

Simonis cloth is smooth and true

Simonis Cloth starts with very fine combed wool yarn. This long-fiber wool is then tightly-twisted and woven (the worsted wool process) into cloth. Then it is specially sheared perfectly flat and finally finished in a tradition of craftsmanship that our mill in Verviers, Belgium, pioneered and has refined for over three centuries. The result is a beautiful precision cloth that achieves the smoothest, most accurate and most consistent play surface available.

Gorina cloth logo

Gorina® Brand Pool Table Cloth

Gorina has developed many kinds of Pool cloths corresponding to the different types of Pool tables that are in the world representing their own culture. We offer cloth for coin-op pool tables, home pool tables, and championship or competition pool tables all around the world. See the available pool cloth colors below.